The Victoria Hotel

The Ganalili Centre formally The Victoria Hotel

This project included a complete refurbishment and addition of the Historic Victoria Hotel in Roebourne WA.

The building was converted into commercial office, retail and included a commercial kitchen.

The revitalisation of the Victoria Hotel located centrally within the Roebourne Community has restored the building to its original early 1900’s architectural form. This has subsequently facilitated tourism, training, and business opportunities to support economic development in the community.

An Indigenous employment training model was developed for the project to maximise employment opportunities through traineeships and local business engagement.

We established working relationships with North Regional TAFE, Roebourne Senior High School and Roebourne Regional Prison.

This was a symbolic project which could deliver pride but also enhance ownership of the community, create opportunities for employment and training and to celebrate culture. The strength of symbolism comes from the transformation into a place where Indigenous people can be empowered to work and celebrate their culture.

The revitalisation of the Victoria Hotel has delivered the community:

  • a catalyst to encourage increased development within the Town Centre expanding the
  • provision of services available.
  • delivered improvement amenity within the Town which may lead to an increase in
  • population growth through State Departmental decisions to relocate staff in the
  • community who are currently house in other areas.
  • creation of positive functional retail and office space to support small business
  • development and improved retail offerings to the community.
  • a substantial tourism asset which will contribute to the acknowledged heritage value of Roebourne
  • small business support to foster an increase in aboriginal business enterprise development.
  • capacity to increase training and hospitality opportunities for Indigenous people

Ganalili Centre: